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Raquel E. Fleskes

Biological anthropologist specializing in ancient DNA, population genetics, and community engagement.   

National Science Foundation SBE Post-Doctoral Fellow (2021-Present)
Department of Anthropology,

The University of Connecticut

Ph.D. (2014-2021)
Department of Anthropology,
University of Pennsylvania

I'm am anthropological geneticist conducting post-doctoral research in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Connecticut. My research falls at the intersection of ancient DNA, archaeology, and community engagement. I use ancient DNA and population genetic methods to understand the population history of colonial period North America. These methods are then interpreted alongside archaeological and other bio-molecular techniques to understand lived experience, ancestry, and relationships in the colonial Americas.


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My research focuses on understanding the population histories in early colonial North America from archaeological sites and within contemporary descendent communities using ancient DNA and population genetics. 

Read more about the research I'm working on here --> 



As an educator, I believe that teaching critical research, reading, and communication skills are as important as teaching course content. That's why I integrate active learning in the courses I teach - from Introduction to Human Evolution, to DNA & Human Society.


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