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Media Coverage

Research Highlights:


  • 2023     The Associate Press via The Washington Post, “36 bodies were found in unmarked colonial graves. DNA is revealing their stories”, January 9.

  • 2023     WHYY Philadelphia, “ChatGPT in School, Taco Tuesday Lawsuit, Delaware’s Earliest Residents”. Radio Segment. September 6.

  • 2021     WHYY’s You Oughta Know, Archeological Discovery at Avery's Rest. Television Segment. March 2.

  • 2021     The Saving Delaware History Podcast, Avery's Rest: The 17th Century Chesapeake Ancestry Project. Podcast Interview. January 1.

  • 2020     Delaware Archaeological Society, Digging Delaware Interview Series. August 3

  • 2019     ABC 4 News, Interview on DNA Research at the Anson Street Burial Ground. Charleston SC. May 6.

  • 2019     College of Charleston, African American Studies Program Port of Entry Podcast, “DNA Doesn’t Lie”.

Research Project Coverage (Selected):

  • 2023     USA Today, “Rewriting colonial history: DNA from Delaware graves tells unexpected story of pioneer life”. September 3.

  • 2023     Delaware Online, “Discoveries from Rehoboth Beach area site reshapes Delaware's history”, September 1.

  • 2023     UConn Today, “DNA Study of Remains at Delaware Site Finds Kinship Among European Settlers, African Slaves”, August 2.

  • 2023     The Washington Post, “36 bodies were found in unmarked colonial graves. DNA is revealing their stories”, January 9.

  • 2023     Williamsburg Yorktown Daily, “Analysis Ties Remains at Historic Site to the First Baptist Church Community”, April 7.

  • 2023     The Washington Post, “Lost graves reveal story of African American church in Williamsburg”, April 6.

  • 2023     The Associated Press, “Their stories were lost to slavery. Now DNA is writing them”, March 28.

  • 2023     Penn Today, “Whole-genome analysis offers clarity about remains of 36 enslaved Africans in 18th-century Charleston”, January 24.

  • 2022     The Charleston City Paper, “Charleston leaders announce plans for Anson Burial Memorial”, October 12.

  • 2022     The Washington Post, “In graves of a lost Black cemetery, hope for links to family history”, October 5.

  • 2022     The Virginia Gazette, “Samples in hand, long process of learning about Williamsburg’s First Baptist graves begins”, August 6.

  • 2022     CNN, “Colonial Williamsburg tells the story of early American settlers. But in 1956 it paved over Black history to make a parking lot”, August 7.

  • 2022     The Post and Courtier, “DNA studies of the Gaillard gravesite remains reveal compelling new information”. May 6.

  • 2022     The Virginia Gazette, “First Baptist Church descendants opt to open 3 graves; work soon to begin on uncovering”. March 16.

  • 2021     The Virginia Gazette, “First Baptist Church descendants meet with experts, discuss future of historic burials found at dig site”. November 8.

  • 2020     Penn Today, “Uncovered burial ground reveals history of 36 enslaved Africans in 18th-century Charleston.” October 20.

  • 2020     The Catholic Virginian, “Discoveries could aid in discovering development of Church in Norfolk.” June 10th. 

  • 2019     The Post and Courtier, “Tears and celebration mark Charleston reburial of skeletal remains of 36 people”. May 4th. 

  • 2019     ABC 4 News, “DNA reveals long history of African-Americans found in downtown Charleston”. May 5th. 

  • 2019     News Channel 2, “DNA Research of African Remains Found at Gaillard Center to be revealed Wednesday”. February 27.

  • 2018     The Post and Courier, “Thanks to DNA research, 80 Charlestonians of African descent may learn more about their roots”. August 1.

  • 2018     Charleston City Paper, “Gullah Society hosts DNA workshop this Saturday as part of Anson Street Burials project”. May 16. 

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